Out Played

Opened the film at fabulous La Costa Film Festival September 12th. Anyone with a sports film in the can will want to know about this festival. Run by the charming Ruby Callihan and hosted at the lush La Costa Omni resort the festival is small, well run, and treats filmmakers like loyalty. I was surprised the films weren't a little better attended (75% capacity seemed the norm)- especially since they were well curated, showed at great venues, and were well promoted locally. There was an outdoor venue at the La Costa resort (a converted tennis court) and it was fun to watch "The Great Alone", a film about the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska,  out there on an 80 degree night while drinking a margarita. Great film by the way. Don't miss it when it comes out.

The local media heavily promoted The Play as one of the news anchors made it his critics pick for the fest. Jim Kohn, an LSJUMB  (Stanford Band) member and former drum major, who was on the field during The Play, and is interviewed in the film drove down with his wife and son from LA. Here's what he texted me after:

"Peter -

Your film is phenomenal, and you are one talented man!

We had to hurry off afterwards to a pre-reunion get-together of my Stanford classmates who live in/near L.A. (in anticipation of our 30th reunion, which is next month), and I spent most of the time at the party tonight telling my Stanford friends about your amazing film.

The gist of what I told them was that no one, not those who have seen the replay of The Play, nor even those who were at that Big Game — or even those of us who were part of it — has ANY IDEA of the significance of The Play until they see your film.

Peter, as I told you afterwards, my wife and I love documentaries, and never have we seen one crafted so masterfully!

We loved it, as did Jean Greaves and her daughter.  (And, by the way, she mentioned to me that she would LOVE to get a copy of your movie poster at some point, if possible.)

Congratulations and good luck, Peter!  

- Jim "

Of course Jim was in the band... but I'm glad he digs it.


Next stop- Bay area in November. Keep your cleats on the ground and lock up your trombone!